Uncover your brilliance. Do the work you love.

Do you feel stuck in your career and don’t see a clear path forward?

Do you want to do meaningful work but not sure what it is?

Do you want to make your big career dreams come alive?

We would love to help! We are a career and life coaching group whose mission is to help you find and realize your life’s work, so that you can make your big career dreams come alive.

Accepting who you are is the key to doing the work you love.
– Isabelle Peyrichoux, founder of Brilliant Seeds.

We offer the following coaching programs:

Discover Your
Life’s Work

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Make Your Career Dream Come Alive

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Life Coaching

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  • Isabelle is a very talented career coach. She has a knack of finding the thread of meaning that ties together a person’s dreams and aspirations and expressing it in a way that makes the next career steps seem more practical and achievable than you had thought.

    Adam Frey, Management and Fundraising Consultant to nonprofits, Adam Frey Consulting
  • By listening intently and being endlessly curious about what drives her clients, Isabelle has the ability to unearth their passions and purpose. From the start of the session to the end, it is overwhelmingly clear that Isabelle cares very deeply about her clients identifying and going for exactly what they want out of life. Her demeanor is inspiring, and I dare say you will walk away from your initial session having opened new pathways, opportunities, and actions that you didn’t see before.

    Mary Kuhns, OES Planner at Marin County Sheriff’s Department, Office of Emergency Services
  • Isabelle is deeply intuitive and empathetic and has a gift for seeing people as they really are at their core. She focuses on the positive and is very gentle, validating, and nonthreatening in her approach. Her goal is always to help people see opportunities, appreciate their gifts, and feel hopeful about the future. I highly recommend Isabelle as a life coach.

    Pabini Gabriel-Petit, Principal User Experience Architect at Spirit Softworks