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Proof that it works! How to make your career dreams a reality.

Is it really possible to make your career dreams a reality? You may think it is not, or not for you. Well, this is what Phoebe was thinking when I first met her in my my office in Oakland 2 years ago. Her story (below) is a proof that it is possible, and for you too. Phoebe was bored and stuck in work she hated. Her confidence was very low. She was very ...

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If they did it, so can you

I hope you have been enjoying 2016 so far. Spring is already on its way here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Flowers are blooming everywhere and it smells wonderful. As Spring approaches in the North Hemisphere, I see a lot of my clients blooming into the next chapter of their career and life. I want to share some of their stories with you, so that you know.... ...

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