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What are you choosing?

2020 will be here soon. A new decade is coming.What are you choosing?to stay in a work you hate for 10 more years. Orto finally do something about it. This is YOUR choice.Don't fool yourself, you choose even when you don't take any action.You just choose to postpone your happiness.Be honest with yourself with what you are choosing.IsabelleP.S. If you decide ...

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This is my LAST one of the year! Don’t miss it.

If you or people you know (spouse, friends, relatives, coworkers) live close to the San Francisco Bay Area, you don't want to miss this...The last in-person workshop I'm teaching in 2019!See details below, as well as another option if you don't live in the SF Bay Area. Here is my signature workshop that participants rave about: Career ...

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Is that you?

Welcome to September! A season of new beginnings! I am excited to get started with two fabulous new clients on their journey to discovering the career they absolutely love! The two slots I had open last month for 1:1 clients in my  "Land the Career You Love" coaching program have been claimed.One of my new clients ...

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Work with me to create a career you love!

"Working with Isabelle has proven one of the best investments I've made in myself, ever. I have so much clarity about myself now - I really know who I am, like who I am, and understand myself on a much deeper level. I know what I want to do, and I've developed my timeline for achieving it.  To think back to how lost and confused I was at the beginning of the year ...

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Do you beat yourself up because you have not found the career you love?

Do you beat yourself up because you are stuck in a career you no longer love and you have no idea how to find the work you love? Are you thinking: "Maybe there is something wrong with me if I haven’t figured it out, maybe I am not smart enough, or maybe I am broken?" Are you wondering: "What is wrong with me, why has everybody else figured it out and I haven...

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If they did it, so can you

I hope you have been enjoying 2016 so far. Spring is already on its way here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Flowers are blooming everywhere and it smells wonderful. As Spring approaches in the North Hemisphere, I see a lot of my clients blooming into the next chapter of their career and life. I want to share some of their stories with you, so that you know.... ...

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