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I’m scared and I’m doing it anyway. Are you?

I'm scared... and I'm doing it anyway.  I just submitted a proposal to speak at an International Conference! Being a thought leader and speaking internationally, giving inspirational talks around the world is one of my long-time dreams.Claiming it publicly is scary.and I'm owning it. Whatever happens. It is TIME.I'm feeling a strong nudge...

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Just say NO to the quick fix… a new approach to career counseling

I’ve gotta tell you something really important... If you’re in a job you hate and you’re looking to make a career shift, do NOT look for a quick fix. Ditch the traditional career counseling that doesn’t go deep. They give quick fixes. They tell you what jobs you should do.  But their approach doesn’t work. People end up stuck in jobs that aren’t a ...

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(VIDEO) Is THIS stopping you from going after what you want?

Is there something you have wanted for a LONG time and have not acted on it yet? Whether it's finding the Career you love or something else in your life. If so, what is truly stopping you from going after it? My recent trip to Scotland and my firsthand experience going for my dreams --living in 5 different countries, becoming bilingual, working for one of ...

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