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Don’t think what you have to offer is valuable enough? Watch THIS. (Video)

Do you want to make a difference in the world and don't think what you have to offer is valuable enough? or will really make a difference?You may be stuck in this limiting belief that I share in the video and that I hear from many of my clients.Watch the video below to find out about it and what to do to get unstuck. https://youtu.be/2XBS3wIHRj4 Comment ...

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I’m scared and I’m doing it anyway. Are you?

I'm scared... and I'm doing it anyway.  I just submitted a proposal to speak at an International Conference! Being a thought leader and speaking internationally, giving inspirational talks around the world is one of my long-time dreams.Claiming it publicly is scary.and I'm owning it. Whatever happens. It is TIME.I'm feeling a strong nudge...

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I faced my fears and I went for it (and how you can too)

Have you postponed a dream you have had for years because of fears? If so, you are not alone. A week ago, I had to face my fears to honor the desire of my heart.  To go to a place I have dreamed of going for 17 years. It was not easy and I resisted it at first. If you are reading this blog, I have fulfilled this long time dream and I traveled to that ...

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