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This is my LAST one of the year! Don’t miss it.

If you or people you know (spouse, friends, relatives, coworkers) live close to the San Francisco Bay Area, you don't want to miss this...The last in-person workshop I'm teaching in 2019!See details below, as well as another option if you don't live in the SF Bay Area. Here is my signature workshop that participants rave about: Career ...

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He landed his dream career and invited me to attend his celebration party!

"I thought you would like to know that I have landed finally, and the outcome is fantastic." Woohooo!! What a joy to receive this email! (see the full email below) Every month, I teach my highly acclaimed workshop Career Shift: Find Work You Love at General Assembly in downtown San Francisco. I've taught it now 40+ times for 4 years to 600+ students.  ...

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Would you stay married to someone you hate?

Do you know that you spend MORE time at work than in your romantic relationship?  Yep. That's right. Let's do the math. In days: 5 days out of 7 days per week 240 days out of 365 days/year (if you take 4 weeks of vacation/year; this is often less in North America) 2,400 days out of  3,650 days for 10 years In hours: 8 hours/day ...

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[Special Invite] Want a career you love?

Hi,  Do you want to wake up excited to go to work? Have a career you love, that’s meaningful and fulfilling? Feel clear and confident about the direction of your career? And know in your heart of hearts you’re having a positive impact on society? If so, my new group coaching program may be just the support you’ve been looking for. Click here for ...

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(Client Success Story) From stuck in her career to featured in a leading newspaper

Her dream came true: she is featured in a leading newspaper.  Wow! My client, Corinne, who graduated from my Roadmap to A Career You Love program is featured in the Boston Globe. Her vision of starting her own business and being featured in a newspaper came true. I am SO PROUD of her.  and I know that if she did it, so can you. I just ...

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Do work you absolutely love

  What would it be like to do work you ABSOLUTELY love?  The work ....you LOVE so much that it doesn’t feel like work ...you are so PASSIONATE about that you are EXCITED to talk about it ....where you use ALL of your talents to contribute to the world in a way that matters to you ... where you can be FULLY yourself, without leaving a part of you ...

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