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Taking it super slooooowww… the way my soul likes it (Pics from my vacation)

I am on vacation to recharge and rejuvenate. This is so important so that I can be at my best to serve my clients and do the work I love.  I'm taking it super sloooowww.... the way my soul likes it.  Soaking in hot springs in the middle of the woods.Camping in a pristine location.Journaling, visioning, doing spiritual practices. Cooking a ...

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I faced my fears and I went for it (and how you can too)

Have you postponed a dream you have had for years because of fears? If so, you are not alone. A week ago, I had to face my fears to honor the desire of my heart.  To go to a place I have dreamed of going for 17 years. It was not easy and I resisted it at first. If you are reading this blog, I have fulfilled this long time dream and I traveled to that ...

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How Harry Potter can help you go for your dream career…(Pics from Universal Studios in Hollywood)

Last weekend, I experienced  "Harry Potter bliss."   Yes, I did. :) I went to Los Angeles for the Harry Potter Bachelorette Party of my friend, Stephanie. We went to the "Wizarding World of Harry Potter" at Universal Studios in Hollywood and re-watched several of the movies. We had a blast! I am a total Harry Potter fan. I'm fascinated by this ...

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I used to think this was weird… (This may stop you from doing work you love)

Do you sometimes think that the thing you love doing is weird? or not cool? or do you discount it, and think you don't actually have anything you love or any passion?  When people ask you what you enjoy doing, you cannot find an answer. Well, I did. I used to think what I love was weird and "not cool." ... and this stopped me for a long time from doi...

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