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The BEST thing about doing work you love! (pics with my mentor)

Do you know what is one of the BEST things about doing work you love? Well, read on to find out! I'm back from a fun and deeply transformative 3-day workshop on the Enneagram and relational skills with one of my mentors and masterful facilitator, Ben Saltzman. I LOVED every moment of it. There were lots of deep and authentic connection, some profound ...

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STOP DOING. Slow down and go inward. (PICS from my epic retreat in San Diego)

Do you give yourself permission to slow down, rest, reflect? Or are you always in "go-go" mode, doing and doing all the time? If you are, this is time to STOP doing.  Yep. This is what I said: STOP DOING. DOING all the time won't get you where you want to be. It won't. Oh, shocker. Really? Don't get me wrong. Doing is important. And if you ...

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How to find the work you love

Finding and doing the work you love is about giving yourself the permission to be fully who you are, love what you love doing, have the talents that you naturally have, and using them. There is nothing to look for outside of yourself to complete who you are. You already have all the seeds and gifts you need in you. The hardest, yet simple, path is to see, acknowled...

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