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Just say NO to the quick fix… a new approach to career counseling

I’ve gotta tell you something really important... If you’re in a job you hate and you’re looking to make a career shift, do NOT look for a quick fix. Ditch the traditional career counseling that doesn’t go deep. They give quick fixes. They tell you what jobs you should do.  But their approach doesn’t work. People end up stuck in jobs that aren’t a ...

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Your heart is your compass

Last week, my 102 year-old grandma who I love dearly passed away. I am French and all my family lives in France while I live in San Francisco, California. The funerals were to happen in the South West of France. I was faced with this dilemma: going or not going? All the "rational" facts were in favor of me not going and it "made sense" for me NOT to go. Only six ...

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