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The BEST thing about doing work you love! (pics with my mentor)

Do you know what is one of the BEST things about doing work you love? Well, read on to find out! I'm back from a fun and deeply transformative 3-day workshop on the Enneagram and relational skills with one of my mentors and masterful facilitator, Ben Saltzman. I LOVED every moment of it. There were lots of deep and authentic connection, some profound ...

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It’s time to let go of THIS

Happy New Year! Bonne annee! I have a question for you to help you start 2019. Probably one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself.   As I was playing one of these Facebook games (yes, I could not resist!), I received a powerful quote and I thought about you. I thought you might need to hear this. Here it goes. Are you waiting for ...

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I WON’T freakin’ compromise and why neither should you

I just created this video thinking about you. To your life and career NOT compromised. Isabelle P.S. You (or someone you know) want a career you love? Check out my proven program Roadmap To A Career You Love. Doors close on Wednesday, October 17… so be sure to get your application in now.

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STOP wasting your life!! What staying in work you hate is TRULY costing you

Are you (or someone you know) staying in work you hate out of fear of losing your lifestyle, your benefits, your income level? ....or not being able to pay for your mortgage, your student loan, or retirement if you change careers?  If so, listen up! this article is for you.  (or for people you know who are struggling with this. Feel free to pass it ...

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Do it NOW…. Another childhood dream coming true (VIDEO)

By the time this has posted, I will be watching the sunrise at a place I've been dreaming of since I was a kid!  Watch the video to find out about this childhood dream coming true. ...and read below why this matters to you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7xnNofL4Uk&t=2s/embed] Are they things you have been wanted to do for a long time and you ...

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