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This is how I take a break from work (Pics from my happy place close to home)

What a glorious Spring day here in the San Francisco Bay Area!  So I did this for my mid-day break. This is one of my favorite ways to recharge during my workday. What do YOU do to take care of you during the day? Comment below and share with me. Or send me pictures. I want to see! ...and if you don't do anything, then this is time for ...

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This is making you sick

The week before last, I wrote a bold message about what staying in work you hate is TRULY costing you. (you can find the article here if you missed it) Well, I want to dive deeper into one of the BIGGEST costs I've heard so many times from the hundreds of people I've interviewed over the past 5 years. It is the cost on your PHYSICAL HEALTH. Yep, staying in ...

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what I did on Saturday (pics)… and why you need to do this too!

Saturday was a NO-PLAN day for me! I let the day totally open with NO plans whatsoever... I let it unfold organically according to what my body, mind, heart, and spirit needed in each moment. It was a day of exquisite self-care. And it was the BEST. it started with going to my strength training class. then, my body wanted sauna and steam room. ...

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What is your #1 medicine?

What do you do when you need to recharge? What is your #1 medicine when you feel stressed, overworked, tired, or down? Well, mine is the Ocean. The Ocean recharges me every time. Every time I am feeling down, tired, worried, overworked, or meh. It works. It recharges me. At first, I doubt it. I resist it. I wonder: "really? will it work this ...

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Balancing your well-being with your career goals

Are you so anxious about achieving your career goals (or any other goals in you life) that you sacrifice your present well-being to reach your goals? Are you so driven that you always do do do without taking care of yourself? If so, watch this 3-min video to find out how to balance your well-being with your career goals. Share any discovery or insights ...

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Our worst enemy is inside

Our worst enemy is not outside ourselves, but inside. Every time we judge or blame ourself, buy other people's judgements about ourselves, wish we were different than who we are, put unrealistic demands on ourselves and blame ourselves for not fulfilling them, or let others put unrealistic demands on ourselves, we act as our very own enemy.

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